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<aside> πŸ“£ β€œLiturgy” comes from the greek term for public service (the work of the people) and is how we describe the words and actions we use during worship in our services. So, there is a liturgy for Easter, for Lent, for Advent and for Christmas, among other kinds of worship. This page contains links to various orders of service (liturgies) used on the four churches across the benefice. It is not a comprehensive list of what we use and we are always reviewing what we do and say. But this is a good place to start.


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Common Worship is the name given to the core liturgy of the Church of England. It has been employed in this way since the star of the Millennium. More information here.

Times and Seasons

All About Advent: The four Sundays leading up to Christmas

All About Christmas: from Crib to Candlemas

All About Lent: The Weeks leading up to Easter

All About Holy Week: The Week before Easter Day

All About Eastertide: From Easter Day to Pentecost

All About Ordinary Time


All Souls and All Saints




πŸ“„Β Advent Eucharist

πŸ“„Β Advent Carols

πŸ“„Β A Carol service


πŸ“„Β Christmastide


πŸ“„ Ash Wednesday Eucharist

πŸ“„Β Lenten Eucharist

πŸ“„Β Palm Sunday, Year A

πŸ“„Β Palm Sunday, Year B

πŸ“„Β Eucharist for Holy Week

πŸ“„Β Maundy Thursday

πŸ“„Β Good Friday Monologues


πŸ“„Β Sunrise Worship

πŸ“„Β Eucharist for Eastertide

πŸ“„Β Ascension Day Eucharist

Ordinary Time

πŸ“„Β Trinity Sunday Eucharist

πŸ“„Β Ordinary Time Eucharist

πŸ“„Β Harvest Eucharist

πŸ“„Β All Souls

πŸ“„Β All Saints

πŸ“„Β Remembrance

Pastoral Services

πŸ“„Β Baptism

πŸ“„Β Baptism in a Eucharist

Occasional services

πŸ“„ Jubilee Thanksgiving

Various School Worship

πŸ“„Β Easter 2023 at Stoke St Gregory

Daily prayer


Each Liturgical season has a corresponding colour. These colours are shown in the vestments worn by the priest, the altar coverings and other aspects of church decoration such as lecterns and pulpits.

The colours are as follows: