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Studying sounds like hard work, doesn’t it? Books, essays, ideas and opinions: “Not for me,” you might whimper, and nobody should ever be forced into studying anything. Our journeys as disciples of Jesus are personal and individual, and are for each of us to reflect upon.

Even so (there’s always an “even so”) there can be some helpful, engaging, enjoyable and inspiring moments when you have a deeper look into the Holy Scriptures. It can be all the more so when you join in with others doing the same thing.

What we have on this page are links to some of the study series we’ve done in the Athelney benefice since Lent 2021. There is no regular pattern to these studies and the subject matter is not especially directed towards any kind of theology. Added to which the “notes” you will find through these links are more the haphazard consequence of the Vicar’s odd mind than anything pedagogical. So, please do dip a toe in. The only book we guarantee to use is the Good Book.

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